VAr-Min ZV3

VAr-Min ZV3

Valquest Systems, Inc. offers the VAr-Min™ ZV3, combining the benefits of zero voltage closing with our intelligent automatic capacitor bank control, all in a single enclosure.

The VAr-Min ZV3 may be the last controller you’ll ever need. It retains all the features of our VAr-Min capacitor bank control, including a modular design that may be updated to meet your changing power distribution needs. The control accommodates your choice of communications and switching schemes. Now with zero voltage closing, you are assured ‘single point’ responsibility for the highest quality operation and technical support.

Automatic Capacitor Control with Zero-Voltage Closing

  • Combines the flexibility of the VAr-Min Cap Control with the superior switching performance of the Z-Cap ZVC Control
  • Single Enclosure results in
    • Cost efficiency
    • Ease of installation
  • SCADA Compatibility is inherent with either DNP or Modbus

VAr-Min Intelligent Capacitor Switch Control

Standard Control Schemes

  • kVAr with Voltage override
  • Power factor with Current override
  • Temperature with Voltage override
  • Time with Weekend / Holidays
  • Time with Date modification
  • End of line Voltage correction

User defined control schemes based on:

  • kVAr
  • Power Factor
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Date / Time / Day of week
  • Temperature

Z-Cap Zero Voltage Closing Control for Capacitor Switching

Closing each capacitor switch at precisely the right time,
VAr-Min ZV3 effectively:

  • Eliminates switching related voltage transients
  • Increases capacitor life by reducing inrush currents
  • Improves power quality
  • Diminishes harmonic distortion
  • Lowers voltage peak surges

Accuracy is unparalleled

  • Independent temperature compensation of local closing caps and bank switches
  • Microprocessor based solenoid operation analysis
  • Precisely controlled local closing energy storage
  • Digital waveform analysis
  • Automatic timing self adjustment based on closing feedback
  • Line frequency monitoring


  • Works with Maysteel, Joslyn, and Cooper solenoid operated switches
  • Provides 52A Status and Control-Ready dry contact signals back to controlling device
  • Digital control, monitoring and data storage available via RS-232 port