VQ-3215 RTU

VQ-3215 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)


Enhance your VS.Net SCADA Master Station solution with Valquest’s Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). With features and inputs developed for Rural Electric Cooperatives, Valquest’s RTUs deliver accurate and reliable real-time intelligence to monitor, control and report on your utility operations, ensuring high levels of productivity.

The Valquest VQ-3215 is a modular Substation RTU that not only polls IEDs using various protocols to gather analog and digital information but also takes readings from local status inputs as well as PTs, CTs and DC sources. The data is recorded and stored in a resident database. It then responds to queries from clients with formatted messages from this database. It also has the ability to send commands to IEDs and expansion modules as received from a client.


The VQ-3215 is field programmable with a laptop or from the master with the Valquest RTU-1 Configurator software so you can do what you need to do when you need to do it.

The flexible programming utility includes:

  • Standard IED templates
  • User defined IED templates
  • IED Network configuration
  • Local database organization
  • Server response data definition
  • Control output definitions
  • IED protocols
  • Local Expansion Module definiti
  • The VQ-3215 includes a local master (client) communications port so you can moniactivity in real-time through a local PC in the field.
  • The device calibration and functionality verification is done with the same program, so there is no need to juggle multiple applications.
  • Includes event storage based on standard IED templates.
  • The VQ-3215 has an internally opto-coupled master communications port to protect your equipment from lightning.

VQ-3215 Specifications:

Temperature Range -40°F to 165°F
Humidity (Non-Condensing) 0 to 100%
Operating Voltages 85 to 260 VAC
95 to150 DC
12 VDC
Relay Contact Rating 10 Amps
Power Usage (without radio) 1 Watt
Enclosure 3.5” x 19” Rack
Fiber Optic Terminations ST – Connector
Server Protocol DNP 3.0
IED Protocols – Available DNP 3.0
Modbus - RTU
PGE – 2179