Energy Management

Valquest staff has a combined experience base of over 40 years in working with over 50 utility companies encompassing a variety of rate tariffs for electricity, gas and water/sewer. This combined experience also extends to performing energy cost reduction and utility distribution activities on over 200 commercial and industrial facilities.

Utility Distribution and Allocation

Development and implementation of cost allocation systems and programs for distribution of Landlord provided utilities such as:

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Power Deregulation

Positioning large facilities to take advantage of reduced operating cost resulting from deregulation of the electric power industry.

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Energy Audits

Recording of energy consuming elements and segregation into categories:

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Building Automation System

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Utility Tracking And Budgeting

Utility revenue and expense tracking, reconciliation and budgeting.

Utility Cost Reduction

Review of facilities' electrical and mechanical systems for improved value and optimized life cycle cost.


Specifications, installation and remote monitoring of electricity, conditioned water and domestic water submeters. Analysis and preparation of utility charges.