Tenant Plan Review


Review of tenant plans and specifications is typically performed by the Landlord prior to tenant construction as a check for architectural compatibility; therefore, the appearance and market concept of the Center is assured. While the visual impact of the Center has obvious initial importance in attracting business, we believe the operation of certain "hidden" elements can greatly influence repeat business which ultimately determines the success of a Center. These "hidden" elements are related to the design and system interface of tenant electrical, mechanical and plumbing equipment installed by tenant's contractor.

By performing a Plan Review of tenants' electrical, mechanical and plumbing plans and specifications, coupled with field inspection of tenant construction, many of the problems usually associated with tenants' installations can be avoided.


Plan Review Services have the following advantages:

Proper Design

Properly installed and operating Health and Life Safety features of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems reduce Landlord's liability.

Review of Tenant Design aides in this aspect by assuring proper design of:


Satisfactory operation of air conditioning and electrical systems increases the value, to both Landlord and tenant, of finished lease areas. Tenant Plan Review supports this function by assuring the adequacy of tenant design and appropriate interface with systems or utilities provided by Landlord. Examples of specific benefits are: