Power Deregulation

There is a window of opportunity for large commercial property owners, in most states, to get energy cost concessions NOW, instead of waiting between four to six years for electric deregulation to be implemented. The benefits of such opportunities decrease, as we get closer to the actual implementation date for full retail competition.

Cost Savings Opportunity

We believe the opportunity for electricity cost saving is currently available because of the following:

Ways Attained

Including the amortized cost of required equipment, we believe that annual electricity cost savings of between 2% and 10% are attainable. These cost savings can be attained in a variety of ways such as:

Contract Negotiation

Since the objective of IOU's is to maintain and expand market share, they will typically want a 5 to 10 year commitment from a customer. Executing a 5 to 10 year contract may restrict properties from taking full advantage of retail deregulation at some time in the future.

The uncertainty of future events, however, is the downside risk in any long term contract.

The objective of our approach will be to negotiate a contract in which the cost savings realized in the first 4 to 5 years will offset any unrealized savings obtainable after retail deregulation occurs. Valquest proposes an agreement whereby we will represent you in negotiations with your local utility company to obtain electric cost reductions for all of the facilities under your control. Valquest's compensation will be derived as follows:

Our Experience