VS.Net SCADA Master Controller


What People Say

"Valquest has continually supported and enhanced its VS.Net SCADA, making it a valuable asset for our team by reducing diagnostic timeand strengthening our reliability,"
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Robert Norman
COO, Wood County Electric Cooperative

The VS.Net SCADA System is specifically designed for use by smaller electric utilities. It incorporates many special features to make the system easy to use and maintain. Valquest Systems provides consulting, training, and on-site technical services such as wiring and checkout to assist the client with planning and installation of the Master Station and RTUs.

With the ever increasing focus on distribution efficiency and power quality, VS.Net SCADA provides a cost-effective solution for system analysis, timely responsiveness, equipment control, and history recording.

The VS.Net Master Station software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and above, and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and above. It has all of the features necessary for monitoring and control of the distribution and/or transmission system. Because most personnel are already familiar with the Windows environment, they inherently have a head start in learning to operate the SCADA System.

Tabular displays and single line diagrams are constructed by utility personnel using CAD and database tools designed by VSI. These tools are included as part of the SCADA System software. Security IDs and passwords insure that only authorized persons are able to operate equipment or modify system parameters.

Technical Specifications

Computer PC Compatible
Processor 1GHz of faster
Memory 8 GB
Program installation and backup CD Writer
Monitor 20 inch flat screen (1600 x 1200 resolution)
Audible Alarm Sound card w/ speakers
Maintenance Interface Modem
Report Generation Printers as required by utility
Inter-Computer Communication Ethernet network interface
RTU Communication Serial port(s) as needed or Ethernet network interface
Maximum number of RTUs 255
kW Accuracy 0.5%
kVAr Accuracy 0.5%
Power Factor Accuracy 0.5%